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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Overnighter (UPDATED!!)

Happy Thursday, y'all!! And happy LIVE HOH ENDURANCE COMP night!!! :D w00t w00t!! I got plenty of sleep last night so that I'll be up and at'em for hours to come tonight as the Final 3 battle it out in a test of endurance!
To get everyone caught up to speed...

Nominated for Eviction are:

The POV Winner is:
(who is also the HOH)

Tonights live show is at 9pm EST as usual, and yes I will have the Chat Room open, as well as a link to watch it live on your computers! :) So check back tonight for the link.

After the live eviction,, the Final 3 will then start battling it out in the Endurance Comp, which is only seen for those of us that have the live feeds!! If you don't have'em, what are you waiting for??!!

Oh, and don't forget your endurance comp snacks tonight! I have a feeling we're gonna be in for a long night! ;)

And last, but not least...

I tweeted last night that Wil's Part 2 of the BB14 Parody is up, and it's hilarious!!!! Check it out:
*Part 1: BB14 Parody
*Part 2: (NEW) BB14 Parody

Okay, time for The Overnighter....

**Sorry it took me so long, was going over last night house happeneings, which are far and few in between. :P

We'll start off at...

1:35am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 1
Shane said that if the noms stay the same, he's 100% voting out Ian as planned. He tells Dan that Ian already thinks he's going home. 

Dan: "What (did) he say?"
Shane: "He's just..just scared. He was like 'Just remember, a lot of people in jury don't like me!'"
Dan: "Us 3 to the end, let's play it out, ya know?"

Dan heads downstairs.

1:37am BBT:
Sneakers Bedroom
Dan (alone)
Cam 1
Dan is talking to us live feed watchers...

Dan: "Do I take out Shane? Or Ian? My only hesitation is, if I take out Shane, do I still have Dani taking me to Final 2? I think so."

**While the feeds off, Dani/Dan had a talk and Dani apparently told Dan that she'll use the veto on him.

1:46am BBT:
Sneakers Room
Cam 1

Ian: "My last night here."
Dan: "Why do you say that?"
Ian: "I just got a feelin'. I think they're smart enough to realize.."

Ian: "Do you feel that if it's between you and me, then it's probably me (going)?"
Dan: "I don't know."

1:50am BBT:
Talk continues...

Dan: "Do you think you'd do better in the 1st (part hoh comp) or the 2nd?"
Ian says the 1st, after Dani beat him in the puzzle POV comp.

Dan: "But you beat (Dani) in everything else."
Ian: "Yea. I dunno. But hate to say it..I don't think I'm gonna be seeing those (comps)."
Ian lets out a nervous laugh.
Dan: "Just know that I didn't let Memphis go down."
Ian is visibly upset. (Eyes are watery, lump in his throat.)
Dan: "I don't think I could win the 2nd one."
Ian: "Then I would have to win the 2nd one, then."

**Dan is fishing for Ian to voluntarily say that he'll throw part 1 to him.

Ian: "I'm just glad the Quack Pack got to the end. Best alliance in BB history. I'm not giving up, but I don't think she's gonna get Shane out."
Dan: "Do you trust me?"
Ian: "Yea. I trust you."
Dan: "I think...I think you continue to do what you're doing (sad..defeated)...and let me see what I can do. I don't want us both doing it, ya know what I'm sayin'?"
Ian: "I don't know what ya mean, but..ok. Sorry, I don't understand."
Dan: "I think I'd get slaughtered against Dani (in part 2)."
Ian: "What do the comps have to do with anything right now?"
Dan: "All I'm gonna say is that I didn't let Memphis go down."
Ian: "Alright."
Dan: "Let's leave it at that for now. I'm just telling you, I'm not gonna be able to win that 2nd (comp)."
Ian: (nods) "I know."
Long silence.
Ian: "What do you think my chances are of staying?"
Dan: (inaudible, not on cam, but whatever he said, made Ian smile this big..)
Dan: "I just need to know can beat (Dani) in the 2nd (comp)."
Ian: "I can. I know I can."
Dan: "Because I know I can't beat her in the 2nd comp."
Ian: "I don't know what that has to do with it, but okay." 

Ian asked Dan what percentage he thinks it is that he's staying this week.
Dan: "I dunno. What do you think?"
Ian: "10%."
Dan: "We'll see..tomorrow. We'll figure it out." (not the answer Ian was looking for.)
Ian: "Yea."
Talk turns to packing. Ian said he doesn't have any clean clothes to pack and he hopes he that the jury house has a washer and dryer.

They continue to talk about BB in general. Past comps, past alliances, etc. Dan brings up an interesting BB fact: the 1st person to walk through the BB door on Day 1 never wins.

3:16am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 3
Shane tells Dani he's taking her to Final 2 and trusts her 100% on everything. They talk about getting Ian out and how they're sticking to their Final 3 (Dani/Dan/Shane) and how it's "smart" to bring Dan to the end because he's won the game before, how Dan hurt Dani's feelings during the 'funeral', etc etc.

Shane: "Brit, Joe and Frank won't vote for him."

3:26am BBT:
Dani and Shane finally have a real kiss! It's a very affectionate kiss, not one of those wimpy 2 second ones. :P Shane covered their mouths so that we couldn't see too much of it. Lots of slurpin', though!

Dani: "That was a goodnight kiss!"
Shane: "You're bad."

Dani: "Why did we wait 68 days to kiss like that??"
Shane: "Umm because it's...all your fault." (He doesn't know how to answer that. lol)

**Okay, that's it for The Overnighter!! So, how many of y'all are thinking that Shane just might be playing Dani for a spot in the Final 3/Final 2? Convenient timing that it took until now for Shane to give Dani an actual full blown kiss. Just sayin'. ;)

Also, it sounds like Dani might be saving Dan with the veto, giving Dan the power to vote out Ian...but as Dan mentioned to us at 1:37am BBT, who would he send home? Ian or Shane? Hmm!

Alrighty guys, I'll see y'all back here tonight!! :D Don't forget to get the live feeds to watch tonights HOH Endurance Comp!!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be so sure about that Shane casting the only thing. It sounded like last night while feeds were off Dan convinced Dani to use POV on him so he gets the blood on his hands evicting Ian which Shane is apparently fine with. However I think Dan is seriously considering evicting Shane instead. #EPIC


Razldazlrr said...

Shane will probably keep Dan but he should get him out now

it's ME! said...

It seems like, every year some (or several) HG's enter the BB house for the soul purpose of generating a career for themselves in the entertainment industry. Generally, it doesn't work out too well for them.

Our boy Wil, may be the exception to that rule. He really is very talented. I love his BB Trilogy vids, but my favorite on his website is "Mom Pants"... hysterical!

As for poor Ian, I'm like you Jamie. I'd love for Dani to use the veto to take Dan off the block, put up Shane and for Dan (realizing Dani will take Shane to the F2), votes Shane off.. that would be awesome!

"But first"... lol... Dan will have to come to that realization.

I'm really looking forward to tonites episode and the ensuing live-feeds!

ps.. i think Dan would still want an F2 with Dani... easiest for him to beat... and the money IS the ulitmate goal here...

but who knows, if Dan saves Ian, maybe Ian wins final HOH and send Dani packing.. which would thrill me to no end!


James said...

It seems that Shane and Dani were discussing using the POV on Dan and having him vote out Ian. He was asking her if she was sure Ian and Dan don't have a F2, and she said she was sure. Also Dan said to a camera by himself, "should I send home Ian or Shane?" It only makes sense to me for Dan to send Ian home, but I'm not sure if he wants to be the vote to send him home and go back on their Renegade 2.0 alliance. Ian would be pissed. We will see.

Also, I was thinking of the most likely F2 of D/D. I think Dan will have Ian and Dani will have F/Jenn/Shane. Brit/Joe/Ash are the swing votes. Dani only needs one more to win. Brit may vote Dan out of respect for the game and she said in a DR that she knows Dan is just great at this game, but she hates him. So in jury she may realize that Dan deserves it. Joe also supposedly hates Dan and Ash may go with Frank. So it is an uphill battle for Dan to Win. I would say that Dani may be the favorite.

James D.

Anonymous said...

Fact is if Dan took out Shane Dani would be even more likely to take Dan to F2 than she is now. She would think Dan would look like an even bigger villain to the Jury and she'd have no emotional connection to Ian who she thinks she'd definitely lose to. So Dan would be assured F2 if Ian stays. While if Shane stays Dan may be depending purely on himself to win the final HOH.

Until recently I always thought Dani would choose Dan in the end but in the past week or so from her DRs I'm beginning to think she might be "that girl". The one who "follows her heart" and takes Shane basically handing him a $500K check cause she thinks they'll be or help them be a couple outside of the house rather than Dan who she actually could beat. Who knows maybe it's even to be able hold it over Shane and guilt him into a relationship outside of the house. "Like I gave up $500K for you Shane cause I could've beat Dan easily!" I could totally see that being within her character to do that.


Anonymous said...

Ian's eyes don't look watery in that pic they look "MISTy" to me! Haha!

Truth is Dan could care less who wins part 2 of the HOH he's just gonna tell Dani & Ian the same exact thing about him not being able to beat the other in part 2 so that they'll both throw him part 1.


James said...

It would be truly unbelievable if Dan could convence both Ian and Dani to throw part 1 to him. The idea that anyone would throw any part of the final HOH is absolutely ludicrous.

James D.

Anonymous said...

@James D

Dan got Memphis to throw him part 1 of the final HOH in S10 too so Memphis could beat Jerry in part 2.


Mike said...

This is playing out remarkably similar to season 2. I think Dan may win easily as anger subsides over time in the jury house and people realize just how good Dan has played the season. Will talked his way through season 2, everyone was convinced they could beat him in the finals and he won easy.

Anonymous said...

@James D

I don't think Dan cares at all about getting blood on his hands. Ian would be upset obviously but I don't know if he'd take it out in his vote as he's a huge fan and been killing Frank for being so bitter.

However I think Dan sees the writing on the wall with Dani choosing Shane over him so if he's gonna be on his own in that 3some it makes more sense now to keep Ian. Even if his chance of beating Ian in F2 isn't great it's still a chance which he'd have none if Shane won and I'm now leaning the same if Dani won with Shane still there. Can't win the lotto if you don't buy a ticket and can't win BB if you let a showmance give you the boot in F3.

I also wouldn't put Jenn's vote as a lock for Dani up against Dan. Listening to her DRs and eviction interview last night she seems enthralled with how good Dan is at this game and may just reward him with her vote.


Anonymous said...


The big difference between now and S2 is that there was no Jury House back then. Everyone got to go home and watch the show and see just how good Dr Will was. That won't be the case for Dan. He'll only get a few minutes for a speech and a couple predetermined Q&A questions to get across just how much he dominated this season. If everyone had gotten to go home and see what Dan did compared to everyone else especially Dani instead of being sequestered with their own skewed incomplete views it'd be a landslide. Even if it was like S10 when the discussion with the Jury was taped and much more detailed and elaborate instead of rushed and live it would make a huge difference. Unfortunately for Dan it's not so he's gonna have to a lot of work to do in a very short period of time when people's decisions may have already been made in their mind.


James said...

Dani may just enter into another catatonic state if Dan blindsides Shane right in front of her (just like the funeral). Except this time she won't have Shane to hold her and comfort her. He will just have to walk out the door. Maybe Ian can give her a hug. LOL

James D.

Anonymous said...

@James D

And then Dani has to immediately go do an endurance comp right after!


Erin said...

Has anyone figured out why we haven't seen any video from the Jury house?

Did Ashley get sick and share it with everyone? Are they too ugly to show? the Jury house is a great part of the taped episodes.
Honestly, I have barely watched the taped episodes because I read this and occasionally watch BB After Dark... there's few reasons to watch the Sunday and Wednesday shows without the Jury.

i want Ian to win. I want Dan to go home now. And while he's great at the game, I wonder what his students and players think?

Razldazlrr said...

What am I missing here? Why is it Dan's choice if Danielle is POV winner and HOH?

Jamie said...

Dani uses POV to save Dan.
Shane is replacement nom.
Dan is only one voting.
Dan evicts Shane.

it's ME! said...

@ Erin - some of the trailers indicate that they'll be jury house footage tonite... with a big smack down between Frank & Brit... should be good!

I think Dani is a chicken-s*** and knows that Dan will take Shane out for her... and I hope he does. Both she and Ian would take Dan to F2 - where he'd have his work cut out for him, "but first"... (okay, I will stop that!)

@Brian though Dan won't have the advantage of the long Q&A he had in BB10 - this season his reputation preceeds him and ... the jury has probably spent some time discussing how he got each of THEM out of the game...

Anonymous said...


Jury House footage is never on the taped episodes it's only on the eviction episodes so Julie Chen can intro it. There have only been 3 such instances since Jury started and it's really just been a victim of circumstances why they haven't shown any yet. The 1st opportunity was right after Dan's funeral with only Ash alone in Jury so there was obviously much more important things to show. The 2nd chance was a jam packed DE episide so there was no time. And the 3rd was last night when they had the date outside the house featuring the Olympians they had to show which took up time that could've gone to Jury House. We will definitely see some footage tonight though.


crane guy said...

I completely agree with what you said and wanted to commend you on an excellent post!

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