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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Overnighter

SuzieQ here!  I just talked to Jamie this morning.  She's in a lot of pain and nauseous and frustrated by her gallbladder condition.  It's a long holiday weekend, meaning it will have to wait until next week before the next step in her process can happen.  Pain meds help some, and she'll be here off & on thanks to the meds.  In the meantime, I hope she focuses on resting & healing and I'm glad to help in any way I can.

Today is Dan's 29th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Dan!  :)

The POV has NOT been played yet.  That is expected to happen today.
HG's are still on inside lockdown, and as of 9:14am BBT, most are sleeping, except Joe & Jenn.

Let's get started with last night's happenings.
Feel free to submit your comments, though be patient waiting for them to get posted, please.  :)

Yesterday's Afternoon post went into the night, and what a wild day & night the HG's had yesterday!
(go back to read all about that in yesterday's posts.  Jamie's early post yesterday told about Pandora's Box was used again.)
Since my posts ended at about 10-1030pm BBT, I'll pick it from there now.

12:02am BBT
Most HG's sittinng around the litchen table, just talking; Dan is laying down by himself in
~ about smoking, nicotine patches, e-cigarettes (all briefly)
~ Joe said if he won HOH he wants the pink shirt his daughter gave him, but that BB confiscated.... fishes.
~ a mention a Brit & Ashley in Jury House together

12:10am BBT - Danielle/Dan in headphones room
Talking strategy.
Danielle said that Brit told her if Dan & Danielle were final 2, Dan would throw her under the bus to try to win.  (she's digging for info on what Dan would say about her in the end) 
Dan said he wouldn't say anything bad about Danielle, he would say the things he did.
Dan said that he would say he did what he came there to do, which was to pick someone and coach them to the end, and that if he could that for someone else, then he came there to do what he wanted to do.
Danielle asks if he wants his bottle of champaign; he says no, he's saving it for when they get to the end.
Danielle says she would never... (couldn't hear her), she leaves, then Dan looks at the camera and winks.

12:15am BBT - Danielle sits with Shane in the living room.
She says she doesn't think the POV will be OTEV because that comp doesn't have a host, and Shane is hosting the POV comp. (wasn't picked to play)
She whispers to Shane to remind her that she wants to tell him something later, about Frank.

Starting at about 1am, there are 2 great things happening on the feeds:
* Dan/Ian chat in HOH room - a long chat about an hour or more.  Tons of stuff came out in that chat.
* Danielle trying to teach Joe some dance moves.  Lots of laugh out loud moments here!
   She tries to teach him how to roll his hips, to the do the Dougie, the dance for Solja Boy's Superman.

Danielle/Joe dance class (Jenn is there, sometimes Shane, Dan, Frank pass thru briefly)
Joe wants to learn some new moves to take home to his wife.
                                   Joe does the Dougie (I don't know if I'm spelling that right!)

 Joe finds out about how body language and dancing work.  The girls (Dani & Jenn) explain if a girl is dancing and a guy walks up on her and they start dancing and if she is dancing in a sexy way, Joe thinks that means they are hooking up.  The girls say this only "testing the waters"  - Joe thinks that's way beyond testing the waters!  The girls continue,  if she is making eye contact and grooving up on him, then it's a sign she is interested.  If she starts grinding up on him, then she is intersted.  But if she calls her friends over, then dances away with her friends, then she's not interested.  Joe says if a girl is dancing in that provacative way, he thinks like a cave man "me man, me want you, me take you" and he picks Danielle up and demonstrates (see above pic!)
 Joe does Solja Boy Superman!!!
If you have the feeds, you MUST check this out!  Hilarious! Hearing Joe talk thru all of this is FUNNY!!!

1:56am BBT - Joe tells a very nice story about he met his wife.
Sarah (the wife) wasn't looking for someone and she was a single mother with 3 kids and her mother was worried about her.  So Sarah's mom made a Yahoo profile about daughter Sarah, Joe found it, and talked to mom for about 30 days, thinking he was talking to Sarah.  The story continues, and of course in the end, they fell in love instantly after meeting.  Joe tells how he was all set to live a bachelors life and didn't want to settle down.  He says he's not normally a man that believes in divine intervention, but that is absolutely what happened in this case.  He says you don't always get what you want, but you get what you need.  Nice!
This is worth watching on flashbacks if you can.

1:29am BBT - Dan/Ian in HOH room

Dan asks many questions about Ian's condition. 
Dan point blanks asks what was he diagnosed with - Ian says he has ADHD. 
Dan asks about Ian's moving around a lot; Ian says it's how he releases excess energy, said it's called "stimming" (stimulation).  Ian said he & parents don't agree with taking meds for it. 
Ian tells about being in gifted classes since he was very young.
Dan asks many probbing questions, and Ian answers them.  Dan asks how does he remember things if he has trouble focusing, if his parents are super-smart, when did Ian know he was different, and more.
Ian says the indoor lockdowns are hell for him.
Ian says his condition is obviously not too bad or else he wouldn't have gotten in the BB house.
Dan asks if production knows.... fishes.

1:39am BBT  (starts with fishes....)
Dan:  "There's a savant aspect to kids with autism, you know what I mean?  I think the brain's so weird, you have someone with autism but yet there's a componant in their brain that is far superior to a person without autism."
Ian:  "I mean, that's the thing, I know that stimming and that kind of motion is common in that, and obviously certain savant type things like the memory, like the fact the before and after was the biggest joke in the world to me, but like, obviously I'm not that.  I just have ADHD and I'm just very lucky and I can remember a lot of things, and I just need to be in motion at all times.

*  Ian tells Dan that Frank knows that Ian was working with the Quack Pack because of the "I'll rat you out" comment Dan made.  Dan said he was sorry he said that to Ian, that it bothers him how he lost control like that.
* Dan asks Ian if Brit told him not to trust Dan.  Ian replies  Brit said to beware of the mist.
* Dan asked if Ian really graduated when he was 16 yrs. old (Ian said that when he was drunk).  Ian said no, that wasn't true, he just said that to rile things up.
* Dan thinks Ian would make a good teacher.  Ian thinks he doesn't think he would be hired as a teacher because he thinks his behavior in the house was so bad.  ian thinks everyone, including America, thinks his comment about 9/11 made him look so bad.  Dan assures him since Ian didn't say it in a mean-spirited or derogatory way, Ian should let it go, that no one thinks badly of him for it.
* Ian thinks if there is a Good vs Evil BB, and he was on it, that he thinks he would be cast as Good but thinks he should be cast as Evil.  Dan says he needs to stop thinking of himself in those negative ways.

***There must have been a million questions asked and answered in this aalmost 2 hour chat session.  I hope Ian didn't reveal too much to Dan.

Now that HG's are finally awake, I'll start a Morning Report soon. (new post)

Stay tuned...
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