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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Overnighter-Quick Review

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! Sorry for the very late start, it's been a painful morning and getting up to blog wasn't top priority for me today. (This pain sucks, to say the least.)

Okay, enough about that.

So, last night there were only 2 things worth mentioning, so let's get to them.

9:47pm BBT:
Cam 3

Shane/Dani/Dan made a Final 3 deal. After Shane left, Dani/Dani did some stealth whispering about doing a Final 3 with Jenn. (**All these Final whatever deals are making my head spin. lol) Dani's hair kept rubbing on the super sensitive mic, which was both annoying and making it hard to hear what Dan was saying.

2:19am BBT:
Cam 3

As Dan was climbing into his bed, Joe (who thought it was actually Shane) started to talk to Dan about, well..Dan. lol

Joe: "Dan chased me in here as soon as I went to bed."
Dan: "Who??"
Joe: "Dan!
Dan: "...this is Dan."
Joe: "..whats up?"
Dan: "Go to bed, Joe." (laughing)

Other than those 2 things, it was a calm night on the feeds. Ian tried to play with the telescope he won during Pandoras Box, but it required a screwdriver, so that was a no-go. I will point out that Frank/Dani talk late last night around 2:30am BBT. Frank's point of the convo was to get in Dani's head and see who she's more loyal to..Dan or Shane. Dani said she wasn't sure, as Frank tried to tell her that she needs to get in that mindset soon of picking one. Frank then went and told Jenn about his convo with Dani before he went to bed.

And that's it for the Overnighter! :) It's 11:30am BBT right now and the feeds are on trivia..its Veto Ceremony time!! New post coming up!

Stay tuned...
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1 comment:

Thorn105 said...

Dear Jamie,

I don't know if you'll get a chance to read this or not, but Jamie, you are in our thoughts and prayers here in 'Texas. I love your blog, I love that even when giving your opinion, you always keep it classy, and I am sooooooo sorry you have been living with so much pain. Every day a candle is lit for you, and will be until you are home and on the mend. Much love to you from Texas! <3<3<3

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