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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon, addicts!! Happy TGI-FRIDAY!! :D The weekend is here, w00t!

Okay, so last night on the feeds, Ian confirmed that he did in fact throw Dan the HOH comp. On top of this, Dan worked his misting powers on Dani during the comp and got her to throw it to him, too. *face. palm.* But the good least for that Dan truly wants to to take Dani to the end (his best shot at winning).

Last night after Dan won Part 1 of the Final HOH Comps, the HG's went inside the house and got themselves together. Dan and Dani took showers and put on fresh clothes.

10:10pm BBT:
Arcade Room

Dan passed by the Arcade Room, where a crying Dani was laying down. Dan told her that they both have to think of a way to get Ian to throw Part 2 to Dani.

Dan: "Think about it."

Dan walks away before they're seen talking.

10:36pm BBT:
Dining Room

As Dan is in the Diary Room, Dani is crying in front of Ian and telling him she has a "moral dilemma" because of what Dan did. (**Voting Shane out instead of Ian.) Ian offers her kleenex (instead of napkins that she was using), she declines.

They then both start talking about how much gray is on the memory wall. Ian can't believe he's in the Final 3.

Dani hopes that Shane doesn't hate her. Ian comforts her and says he doesn't and that the look on their faces (of shock) should've spoke volumes.

10:45pm BBT:
Dani goes into full blown meltdown mode.

She goes and lays on Shane's bed. Crying and saying how sorry she is.

Dani: "Oh, Shane! I'm so sorry!!"

Sidenote: Ian was singing the theme song to "Duck Tales" all night, in honor of the Quack Pack. lol

11:22pm BBT:
Ian said that he didn't like that the HOH Comp was called "Hook, Line & Sinker", because of how the eviction went.

11:36pm BBT:

Ian tells Dan that he threw the comp. He said that he tried to wrap his leg in the fake seaweed to make it look like he was caught on it.

11:38pm BBT:

BB: "Ian, please go to the Diary Room."

Ian goes.

Dan: "We're not gonna have many opportunities like this to talk..."
Dani: "How does (Ian) know we made a deal?"
Dan: "Well he was like 'how did you get to drop?' and I said I'd tell him later."

Dan: "(I'm gonna say) you made me swear on (my wife) that I wasn't working with Ian. And what else...that I'll take you to the end."
Dani: (nodding yes)
Dan: "You're gonna have to go tell him the exact same thing. But then you'll tell him "Ian I'm taking you to the end" and that you know you can beat me in the Final 3.."
Dani: "Can you tell me what the benefit it was to keeping Ian (instead of Shane)?"
Dan: "You (couldn't have) beat Shane."
Dani: "But Ian.isn'!"
Dan: "Yes he will! I'm 90% certain he's gonna take you."
Dani: "He told me to my face, that he's taking you!"

Dan is playing dumb.
Dani: "Then why would he be asking you what kind of deal you made with me and all this stuff?" (**Dani is not buying Dan's b.s.)

Dan said they can get Ian to throw Part 2 and Part 3 (if Ian wins Part 2). Dan says worst case scenario and Ian wins Part 2, he can beat Ian in Part 3 and then Dan.

Dan said they have to think of a way to get Ian to throw Part 2 to her.
Dan: "Tell him that you made a bullsh*t deal with me and said you're taking me to the Final 2. And that you think you can beat me in the Part 3. And say no matter what, you're taking him (Ian) to the Final 2."

Dan: "And then I'll beat you in Final 3 so that you don't have to stab him in the back."
Dani agrees to tell Ian all of that.

Talk continues.
Dani: "Can I tell you how I'm feeling right now with you getting mad?"
Dan: "What's wrong?"

Dani said that she feels that cutting Shane was more beneficial for Dan than Dani. (**Duh.) She feels that she's playing for 3rd place now and that she's emotional exhausted.

Dani: "I feel like, even to get to the Final 2, you still have something up your sleeve. I feel like you'd throw me under the bus to get to the Final 2."

Dan: "I'm not gonna do that!"
Dani: "Shane would have thrown Part 1 and Part 2."
Dan: "I didn't know that."
Dani: "Yes you did! I told you!"
Dan: "I didn't trust him."
Dani: "At least that's honest. (Your) comment right there. I just can't accept bullsh*t lies."
Dan: "What lies have I told you?"
Dani: "That you were voting Ian out."
Dan: "If I would have told you (the truth), you would have freaked out!"

Their talk goes on & on until Ian comes out of the D.R.

12:12am BBT:
Bathroom Couch

Per Dan & Dani's plan, Dani talks to Ian and lies to him..saying that she wants to take Ian to the Final 2 and how she would destory Dan in Part 3 because Shane/Jenn told her how they're gonna answer their questions. This is Dan and Dani's plan to try to get Ian to throw Part 2 to Dani.

Ian: "You know how they're answering?"
Dani: "Mm hmm."

Dani explains that some HG's answer truthfully (Part 3 questions from the HG's), others will answer strategically, some will lie, etc. 

Dani continues to play up her hate for Dan and how much she wants to beat him in Part 3 and that she wants revenge for Dan pissing her off too many times.

Talk turns to the eviction. Ian mentions how he could hear the audience "gasp in horror" as Dan evicted Shane and thinks that fans don't like Dan.

12:44am BBT:
Sneakers Room

Dani tells Dan about her convo with Ian. She tells him how she told Ian that she hates Dan and that he believes her.

Ian walks in, getting ready for bed. Convo. stops.

**That's it for the Overnighter!! :)

11:01am BBT:
Ian, Dan and Dani are doing the Final 3 Breakfast "Remember when.." segment  this morning, so if you're wondering why the feeds are on trivia, wonder no more. They should be back shortly! :)

I'll start the afternoon post when the feeds come back!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...


Dani isn't pretty much playing for 3rd place right now. There are 4 different scenarios that can play out and Dani makes the F2 in 3 of them. If Dani wins part 2 then no matter if Dan or Dani win part 3 she's in and even if Ian beats her in part 2 Dan could still win part 3. The only way she doesn't is if Ian goes 2 for 2 and wins part 2 & 3. So she still has a 75% chance to make the F2. Although it would've been 100% with Shane there 75% is still really good and you can't really blame Dan for taking that 100% chance for himself. And she could even have a better chance of winning now if she gets there since Dan will perhaps be more disliked in Jury and she never would've beaten Shane if he won or if she picked him over Dan.


Jamie said...

I took off my comment of Dani playing for 3rd place because I dont want to confuse people that this is just my opinion. not fact.

i can see ian winning part 2, and part 3. thus, ian taking dan to f2. leaving dani out in the cold in 3rd place.

but, that is just my opinion. we'll see how it shakes out! :)

Anonymous said...


Like I said I definitely agree with you that is the one scenario where Dani would most likely finish 3rd however there are 3 other scenarios where she's in the F2. So I wouldn't consider Dani as playing for 3rd place. To me that's Ian cause either he wins both comps himself or he's out. Now can he do that? Yes obviously he's shown that he can. But that's still just a 25% chance at F2 so of the 3 the odds are he's the one currently playing for 3rd place. However with so few people and comps left just by winning part 2 his chances jump to 50% so it's not that dire for Ian. Though the one last thing to cement Dan completely running this entire season that I could see happening is Dan convincing Ian to throw him the 3rd part of the HOH so he can cut Dani since she already hates him and so Ian doesn't have to be the bad guy. Of course Dan would then proceed to send Ian packing instead and take Dani where he'd hopefully beat her.


kelsey said...

I honestly don't see Dan winning at all

crane guy said...

Brittany will beat them into submission in the jury house for Dan lol.

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