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Friday, June 29, 2012

BB Calendar of Events

Well ladies & gents, we have *less* than 2 weeks to go until BB14 begins!! And with less than 2 weeks to go, that means there's gonna be a ton of BB14 info coming out in the next upcoming week. So I decided to make a little calendar of events so that everyone can know what's going to happen and when.

(Printable Calendar by Doug K.)

July 1st: HG's go into Sequester

July 2nd: House tour on the feeds (Need'em? Get'em here!)
July 2nd: Rumor Control w/ Dani Donato & Rachel Reilly @ 6pm ET (live feeds)

July 5th: Cast Reveal!!!!

July 6th: Rumor Control w/ Janelle P. & Rachel R. @ 6pm ET (live feeds)

July 11th: Last chance for Early Bird Special!!!

July 12th: The Talk w/ Julie Chen will be a BB special episode!
July 12th: Happy Hour w/ Missy, Spicy & Ellen @ 6pm ET (live feeds)
July 12th: BB14 Premiere & feeds go live after west coast airing!!!!! :)

July 17th: Rants & Roars w/ Matt Hoffman & Adam Poch (live feeds)

July 18th: Jeff & Jordans online show starts on

Feb. 18th-Canada Big Brother begins on the Slice channel (

**If BB Canada will have the feeds here in the states, then I'll be here blogging! :D As soon as I hear either way, I will let y'all know here on the blog. 

As far as rumors go, it seems the '4 former houseguests come back as mentors' rumor is still going strong. Since the cast reveal is just a few days away, I'm gonna give up on the rumors and let'em be just that..rumors. We'll see what Monday brings! ;)

Stay tuned...

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