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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Live Feeds, BB14 Info, & more! (UPDATED!!)

Happy 3 weeks until BB14, everybody!! :D

(Courtesy: Doug K.)

Okay, we have some new things to talk about, so let's just dive on in...

Okay, first up:

1) Early Bird Special: if you had issues signing up the past few days, try again! The issues were fixed late last night. w00t! (The discount applies at the end of the transaction, so ignore the "$39" error.)

2) Jeff & Jordan: Gearing up for their new CBSi (CBS Interactive) show coming up, the adorable duo will be holding a live chat with fans on on Thursday, June 28, at 2 pm ET (11am PT) so make sure to tune in!

3) "The Talk": The ladies of 'The Talk' will be doing a fast-forward version of the BB game in "late June", so that should be coming up any time now. When I learn of the specific date, I'll let y'all know here on the blog!

4) BB14 Cast Reveal: On July 2nd, the Big Brother 14 cast is scheduled to be revealed! Yayy!! :D It's also rumored that the "4 huge surprises" will be revealed as well. Ooo I can't wait!!!

That's it for the newest info!

This year BB will have "the most houseguests ever" and with BB9 (the couples season) having 16, that means this season will have at least 17+! Oh my!! And I thought transcribing Kalia was bad! ;) haha! I better stock up on my coffee now!

Okie dokie, boys & girls..that's it for now! If you haven't yet followed me on Twitter, I highly suggest you do! I post breaking news on there (and on the blogs Facebook group).

And don't forget to get your hands on the Live Feeds 'Early Bird Special' while ya can!!

Today (Friday) was Media Day inside the BB14 house and here's a leaked picture! I wonder if Brenchel were part of the media day fun or not.

Stay tuned...

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Scott said...

Wonder if that means more double eviction weeks or (hopefully) they'll have a longer season?

James said...

With a premier of July 12, I assume they will enter the house the Sat before or July 5. Also, they should be sequestered sometime soon.

Jamie, does it seem strange to you that there are much fewer rumors now than there was this time last year? Allstars is not entirely ruled out, but seems unlikely. If it was, then it seems there would be a lot more rumors and leaking if the former BB stars were recently approached.

Shannon said...

Thanks for keeping us informed! this may have bee mentioned sometime but when does the early bird special for the feeds end?

Jamie said...

James, ya it does seem like theres no rumors this season so far..just a bunch of anxious fans waiting for actual info! lol :)

hey Shannon! The early bird special ends the day before BB14 premiers, July 11th! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :D

Scott, it'll be interesting to see what they plan to do with so many HG's!

Pat Grossy said...

I've been thinking that the last commercial holds almost all the clues to this coming year. Could it be 4 separate groups? First, new love/old (returning favorites)love. Second, new hate/old hate. I believe that there could be as many as 20 HGs this year since there is suppose to be more HGs than ever. The clues were 4 supersized and the HGs that you love and the ones you hate. Just throwing out some thoughts to the new twists in BB14. Love your blog Jamie. This is the one I go to first for the latest info on the show. Thanks.

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