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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winner of BB10 Gives Tips on Auditioning

Hey all you BB addicts! If you plan on applying to get on BB14, or any other reality show in the future, then listen up! We all remember BB10 and how Dan Gheesling, quite possibly the nicest guy to ever play Big Brother, won that season.

Well Dan has just released a *FREE* online book that you BB fans, and especially those of you that will be auditioning for BB14, will just love! It's called "How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV!"

The 40 page page book, which is totally free to download & read, contains Dan's trials and tribulations through applying to get cast, rejections (including getting rejected to do 'Survivor', in which he was a semi-finalist), how he made it through the semi-finals of BB, and everything in between! Here's a small excerpt from the ebook:

There's a 2nd book that he wrote called "How To Get On Reality TV: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide", that is available for purchase for those of you that need more details about how to get cast onto reality tv. So if you're a hardcore "I gotta get on reality tv!" person, then this book is definitely for you!

Even if you're not planning on auditioning for Big Brother, it's still a fantastic behind-the-scenes book that any BB fan will love to read! :D

Stay tuned...
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