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Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Day Special on the Live Feeds

Happy Monday, BB fans!! Just a quick post tonight...

I haven't logged into my Live Feeds that much since BB13 ended last September, but I just took a peek at what's been going on and I totally missed watching Brenchel's Valentines Day Special that aired live a couple of weeks ago!! :(

During the show, Brendon & Rachel talked about doing Big Brother, then going on The Amazing Race shortly after, and how Brendon is now back in school to get his PHD.

Also, Brendon gave Rachel a new engagement ring. (The original ring he gave her was a $150 ring.) The new ring is a gorgeous antique ring:

They also talked about how there's no wedding date set yet, but talked about how they'd like to aim for this summer. In regards to having kids, Brendon said he wants to wait until after he gets his PHD.

Brenchel received a lot of phone-in's from fans, congratulating Rachel on her win and were very supportive of the two being engaged and on The Amazing Race. It was a fun show to watch! :)

If you'd like to watch it, just sign into Superpass and click on Videos. Best line of the show? When asked what they've been up to...

Brendon: "I've been working hard on getting my PHD."
Rachel: "I got new hair extensions!!" (laughing)

Gotta love'em! lol ;)

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Stay tuned...
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