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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jeff & Jordan w/ Brendon & Rachel (pics)

Happy Sunday, y'all! Tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central, The Amazing Race will be on..which means you'll get your fill of seeing more Brenchel. Love'em or hate'em, you know you like to watch'em. lol ;)

Also, Rachel tweeted that Brendon/Rachel and their "BFF's" Jeff/Jordan hung out the other night. (These were tweeted this past Friday, Feb. 24th.)

Nice to see those 4 hang out together outside of the BB house! Oh, and if you're looking for an update on Jeff & Jordan, shortly after BB13 ended, they announced that Jordan was moving to California to be with Jeff! :) The two have been super duper busy promoting/campaigning for and even went to Cambodia just a few weeks ago. Here's a couple of pics for you JeJo fans:

(Jeff's eating a Tarantula in this pic, hence the disguested look on Jordo's face. lol)

For more information on how you can help Build a City in Cambodia, visit

As far as casting for Big Brother 14 goes, casting director Robyn Kass tweeted that they're still working on the website for BB14 hopefuls to send in their audition videos online, which looks like it could be up by March 5th!!

That's it for now my lil addicts! More info to come in as I get it! ;)

Stay tuned...
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