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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Live Feeds: What's new for BB14!

Happy April to all of you BB addicts out there! :D We have LESS than 90 days before BB14 begins w00t!! (No official start date yet, but BB always begins between early-mid July.) Casting calls are taking place, Big Brother hopefuls are sending in their apps online, and soon..Spring will turn into another Summer of Big Brother!!

Okay, so today, I learned about new changes that are/will be happening this BB season for those of you (like me!) who get the Live Feeds every season.

My FAVORITE change..and I do mean favorite!!!

***Mobile Feeds will be included in your live feeds subscriptions this year!!***


So, since the mobile feeds are included this year, you're probably wondering.."Is the price of the feeds going up this year?" The answer is...NOPE!!! They are staying the same!! Yayy!!! :D

Here are some other quick notes about what's happening this year on the Big Brother Live Feeds:

*Pic quality of feeds improved. No more "midnight resets" of the feeds. No interruptions.

*Non-live feed'ers will be able to get a preview of the members area (and possibly a free video preview, too) before signing up. This way, you'll get to see everything you'll get when ya get the live feeds. :)

*Chat Room improvements (still in the works), including being able to upload your own avatar pic.

*Mobile feeds will have the "Flashback Feeds" feature.

*Most andriods, iphone, and most tablets will be able to stream the mobile feeds. (Kindle Fire might not be able to load them. They're still working on that.)

As we get closer to BB14, more details will come out about what's new this BB season for all you live feed subscribers and what y'all can expect to be better this year! :D

If you still have the live feeds from last summer, then you'll wanna watch "Reality Rally" this Saturday, April 14th, at 12pm PT/3pm EST!

Not a live feeds subscriber but ya wanna watch Reality Rally? No problem! Sign up right here to watch!!

T-minus 85'ish days until Big Brother 14!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...
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Annie said...

Hey Jamie -

I'm excited for the live feeds this summer! Do we get a discount if we sign up early?


Annie said...

Hey Jamie!

I'm excited for the live feeds this summer! Do we get a discount if we sign up early?


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