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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update on Brenchel

Hey everyone!! Hope all is well with y'all! :D Since I'm moving this weekend (just 15 mins away), I figured I'd knock out a quick post before I don't have time and/or access to the blog for the next week.

As far as BB14 goes, still no word on casting or a specific start date (even though July 5th was rumored but not confirmed). Of course I'll keep you guys & gals in the loop as I find out stuff. ;)

Moving on...

Okay, so as I previously mentioned about a month ago, rumors started that Brendon & Rachel were filming on The Amazing Race due to a leaked (and not so clear) picture of the new cast at an airport waiting to board a plane. Well, it seems that Brendon and Rachel either (1) was never filming for the upcoming Amazing Race or (2) they got sent home early.

Rachel tweeted this pic on January 1st. Brendon and Rachel rang in the New Year with former BB cast memebers Andrew and Porsche.

(Not sure who the other guy is..anyone know? lol)

Notice how Brendon's arm is injured? Hmm! Maybe he got hurt and got sent home. Or maybe they just never went on the show to begin with. **shrugs** Who knows.

In other Brenchel news, Rachel tweeted just a few days ago that she has NOT yet bought a house. But by judging from her recent Twitter pics, she's been living life to the fullest! She rented a boat in Miami and cruised around and even went to Disney!

And last, but not least...

If you're wondering if Brendon/Rachel & Jeff/Jordan are still friends,'s your answer:

Alright my little BB addicts, that's it for now! :D As always, stay tuned for more BB info, including the latest in Big Brother 14 spoilers/casting/info to come!!!

Stay tuned...
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Dubah said...
This is Rachel on Honolulu in the final leg of the TAR20 shot on Dec. 20th.
Yes they are on the next season, they made it to the final 3, and it's highly likely they won!

JE said...

Happy New Year Jamie. hope all is well with you. Just bookmarked this page. Thanks for all you do.

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